Death & Taxes 2011 on

We are very glad to announce the release of one of the most amazing infographic which we are waiting since its last release of one year ago.


mibi,Death & Takes 2011

Jess Bachman words: “Death and Taxes” is a large representational graph and poster of the federal budget. It contains over 500 programs and departments and almost every program that receives over 200 million dollars annually. The data is straight from the president’s 2011 budget request and will be debated, amended, and approved by Congress to begin the fiscal year. All of the item circles are proportional in size to their funding levels for visual comparison and the percentage change from both 2010 and 2001 is included so you can spot trends.

Here the official website:

It’s really effective the posters within our ClosR widget, don’t you think?


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Collage mania

Many of our users chose to show a huge quantity of images through collages put inside one widget.

Here it is a selection of best practices for creating your own collage…

[clearspring_widget title=”ClosR Widget” wid=”49ba8181fdb85afc” pid=”4b17cf7e033a0fb4″ width=”500″ height=”405″ domain=””]

dilog, Inspirational Poster Serie v.3

[clearspring_widget title=”ClosR Widget” wid=”49ba8181fdb85afc” pid=”4b17d1884d46fccc” width=”500″ height=”405″ domain=””]

eleanor118, Eleanor

[clearspring_widget title=”ClosR Widget” wid=”49ba8181fdb85afc” pid=”4b17d2639ce261e2″ width=”500″ height=”405″ domain=””]

cdsich, Looking down

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Panoramic views on

Let’s have a look at some of the most beautiful panoramic photos published on! Thanks to these amazing photographers! If you want your contents on our blog… send us your widgets links!

[clearspring_widget title=”ClosR Widget” wid=”49ba8181fdb85afc” pid=”4af175daa25ca731″ width=”500″ height=”405″ domain=””]

karlzotter, Red Bull Salzburg – Meisterfeier

[clearspring_widget title=”ClosR Widget” wid=”49ba8181fdb85afc” pid=”4af1705f22d95cc7″ width=”500″ height=”405″ domain=””]

levigroeneveld, Vernazza – Cinque Terre

[clearspring_widget title=”ClosR Widget” wid=”49ba8181fdb85afc” pid=”4af17329d6279782″ width=”500″ height=”405″ domain=””]

ambroseliao, Biddeford pool panorama

[clearspring_widget title=”ClosR Widget” wid=”49ba8181fdb85afc” pid=”4af16fbd043211dc” width=”500″ height=”405″ domain=””]

bobrpark, Crater Lake in the winter

[clearspring_widget title=”ClosR Widget” wid=”49ba8181fdb85afc” pid=”4af1764c9f28e5e1″ width=”500″ height=”405″ domain=””]

rgmeyer, Pan River Valley

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New entries on

In these days we have worked for you! We want to present you two new entries on our homepage: Duane Keiser, an amazing painter (we have already talked about him here) and Matthias Jiury Rabbione, a young photographer.

If you want your images to be publicated on our blog, upload them on and we will choose the most beautiful ones. So Zoom and share your images!

[clearspring_widget title=”ClosR Widget” wid=”49ba8181fdb85afc” pid=”4a6d84472af48d84″ width=”500″ height=”405″ domain=””]

Matthias Jiury Rabbione, Aspettando Leda
(via flickr)

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What can I do with

We think the best answer is publishing your widgets, showing your ideas, suggestions and creative intuitions.

Here you are two examples of really good use of the widget. At a first sight we thought that someone was gone crazy with a simple sandwich…By zooming, we discovered instead an amazing piece of art by Duane Keiser.

[clearspring_widget title=”ClosR Widget” wid=”49ba8181fdb85afc” pid=”4a2688ac13b7a2f6″ width=”500″ height=”405″ domain=””]

Duane Keiser, PBJ
(Duane’s blog)

[clearspring_widget title=”ClosR Widget” wid=”49ba8181fdb85afc” pid=”4a268a6469037833″ width=”500″ height=”405″ domain=””]

Duane Keiser, Shrimp
(watch the video on YouTube)

[clearspring_widget title=”ClosR Widget” wid=”49ba8181fdb85afc” pid=”4a268922b76a8332″ width=”500″ height=”405″ domain=””]

Duane Keiser, Main Street Station in progress
(Duane’s blog)

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Let’s start!

Here we are!

First of all we want to thank all artists, photographers, designers… all those who sent us feedbacks and suggestions for improving our service. A special thanks to the ones that let us to publish their images in the homepage!

[clearspring_widget title=”ClosR Widget” wid=”49ba8181fdb85afc” pid=”4a1151bcff245937″ width=”500″ height=”405″ domain=””]

Zane Hollingsworth, Red flower macro
(via flickr)

[clearspring_widget title=”ClosR Widget” wid=”49ba8181fdb85afc” pid=”4a11678f20a7de15″ width=”500″ height=”405″ domain=””]

Craig Maccubin, Tilt
(via flickr)

[clearspring_widget title=”ClosR Widget” wid=”49ba8181fdb85afc” pid=”4a1167e111f58607″ width=”500″ height=”405″ domain=””]

Dominic Alves, Spiral tree crystal
(via flickr)

[clearspring_widget title=”ClosR Widget” wid=”49ba8181fdb85afc” pid=”4a11681b77fe607b” width=”500″ height=”405″ domain=””]

Dominic Alves, Corkscrew
(via flickr)

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